How to Choose High Security Front Door Locks & Deadbolts

If you’re like me, you want to make sure that your home is as secure as possible and high security front door locks is the perfect starting point. The issue is finding a quality one can be a difficult task when you have to choose which locks and deadbolts are going to work for the best for your specific needs.

Take some time and read this article on how to choose the best front door locks and deadbolts so that you can protect yourself from intruders!

Parts of the Door Lock

Before jumping into how to choose the best High Security Front Door Locks, you will need to learn a little lock jargon to get familiar with the anatomy of a door lock.

Mechanical Door Lock Parts

Cylinder. The key is inserted into the cylinder, which is also known as the lock body.

Bolt. This is the metal element that extends from the door into the frame and keeps the door closed. Automatic doors normally use spring bolts, but deadbolts, which are considered more secure, are also an option.

Strike. With a striking plate, you can strengthen your lock by attaching it to the door’s framing metal.

Types of Door Locks

Handle sets. A deadbolt and a thumb turn are included in this style of lock for outside front doors.

Decorative doorknobs. A typical form of door lock, these are inexpensive to purchase and simple to set up.

Door levers,. Door levers, like door knobs, are simple to operate, even if you have a complete set of hands.

Other Home Safety tips, Is Oil Flammable

Deadbolts. Deadbolts are your best bet when it comes to utmost security. In addition to single and double cylinder options, they have a dead latch. Installing a deadbolt on an outside door is made easier by the fact that many exterior doors come pre-drilled for deadbolt installation.

What To Look For When Choosing High Security Front Door Locks for Home Safety

When deciding what features are needed in a high security front door lock for an external door, you need to consider protection against the two most common types of home break-ins, brute force and skilled.

A brute force burglary is where a criminal force breaks the lock, removing it or the door in an effort to get inside. This is usually done with the use of a crowbar or an angled pry bar.

Skillful burglary is where a criminal uses tools to bypass the lock, using jimmied wires, key cuts and other entry methods to bypass the lock (or deadbolt).

A high security front door lock that can withstand both types of burglaries will be versatile enough to handle your specific needs.

Robust Strike Plate

It’s not uncommon for burglars and house invaders to use brute force, and kicking in the door is the most common method. Consequently, finding a high-security door lock with a solid strike plate, which is the component that frequently breaks during a kick attempt, is essential.

Upgrade kits are often available if your high-security lock does not have a suitable striking plate. There should be at least four screws on a good strike plate, and they should be staggered. To avoid all screws screwing into the same wood grain, the screws should be staggered.

Hardened Tumblers

There are two specific qualities that can impede the drilling out of lock tumblers typically seen in a brute force break-in. Hardened locks should be the first item to look for as it helps make the lock drill resistant. Many would-be robbers simply move on to a less challenging target because of the difficulty of drilling these locks.

A drill attack can be thwarted by some hardened high security door locks that additionally include extra protections. The cylinder can be drilled out, but the locks remain locked. So, while you’ll have to repair the lock, the thief will be unable to get into your house because the lock has failed.

High Security Door Front Locks with Lock Bumping

Bumping is a technique that takes considerable forethought because a custom-cut key is needed. A screwdriver, hammer, or other tool is used to bump the key into the lock. You need to look for a lock that is either bump-resistant or bump-proof, as most locks are prone to bumping. Because they rely on a manual latch to keep out intruders, these types of locks only work when you’re inside the house.

Prevention from Skilled Break-ins

A lock that is totally resistant to picking is difficult, but there are some qualities that deter would-be robbers. Sidebar wafers and other security features can make high-security door locks extremely difficult to pick outside of a laboratory setting. If you’re worried about burglars being able to pick a simple lock, seek for a unit with a high level of security features like these. An affordable lock example of a bump proof lock with wafer sidebars is the Kwikset 99800.

What Should I Look for in A High Security Smart Lock

In this article we are only discussing traditional locks. Due to the complexity of High Security Smart Locks we will cover the details in a separate article. As there are so many features to consider outside of the security of the mechanical lock.

The easiest way to choose an electronic door lock is to be familiar with the different types of electronic door locks. In the event of a battery or technical failure, most electronic locks will still have a physical key option. In the event that you lose your key or forget your pin code, a few of the locks will also offer a combination of technologies, allowing you to unlock the door in the case that you forget the code.

Conclusion for High Security Front Door Locks

When it comes down to it, a solid deadbolt lock is the way to go for maximum safety. Deadbolts have been a preferred choice for many years due to their ability to withstand hammering attacks. They are among the most secure types of door locks available and are extremely difficult or impossible to defeat by any means other than the correct key or combination.

High security door locks come in all different shapes, sizes and price ranges with a number of options and features. After looking at the different types of high security door locks you can choose from, choosing an appropriate lock to fit your needs and budget is easier than you would have expected. While a high-tech lock is not necessary for perfectly secure front doors, it will certainly add a layer of security that most homeowners can appreciate.

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